Euro Fords in the US for 2009??!!!

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This is the latest Ford rumor from Europe:
Ford US would import as many as 40 000 S Max minivans in the US starting with the 2009 model year.
We’ll see in the next few days if it turns out to be true.

They also mention the Ford Transit Van. Just like we get the Mercedes commercial vans through Dodge.

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  1. Lets hope this is true cause the Transit van is so kick ass and will sell like hotcakes and steal a ton of sales from GM and DCX cause it looks awesome and comes in many sizes .

  2. Importing Fords directly from Europe will mean higher prices for customers especially with the Euro being of higher value than the dollar these days. GM is already importing the Astra as an Ion replacement but will stick to limited numbers until they modify a factory in the US to build a true Global Astra. Ford needs to do the same if it doesn’t want to keep losing money.

  3. I would love to believe this is true but with the exchange rate with the euro and pound I don’t see how they are going to make any money shipping non luxury cars from Europe. If they were produced here thats another story. Vince do you have a source you can share?

  4. the ford s-max is amazing! right now i am driving a fully loaded mazda5 but would trade it in a second for a ford s-max!!! this car is beautiful and i would die to own one!!!!

  5. This is not as complicated as it sounds. Ford will make money no matter whether it’s for the Europe division or the NA division. So bringing them over will just reduce their already enormous profit margin per vehicle. The cost problem will involve parts, long-term issues.

  6. and i would die to own one!!!!
    But if you where dead you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it !!!!

  7. The S-Max is one of a very few Fords products that makes sense these days. Sure, Honda could probably make it even better, but they don’t make that type of car at all right now, so for the moment, this good looking and practical Ford is where it’s at.

    The other worthwhile Fords are the European Focus and Mondeo, but US Ford in all its wisdom chooses to lose $billions instead of making appealing vehicles available to North American customers.

    Hey – it’s not as if they’re in the business of making cars, is it?

  8. We’ve got an 07 S Max and 07 Galaxy or rather my brother in laws do. Fabulous. S max is more a 5+2 seater with real style. The Galaxy is 7 seater.

    With the Volvo 3.2 six the Smax could get in the US real quick.

  9. 2:42 AM

    Have you been living under a rock? What enormous profit margins? Ford lost $4400 on every car it built in 2006. They had to mortage off the manufacturing plants just to stay afloat.

  10. By the year 2009 Ford will probably be so far in debt, that it will already be too late for our foreign friends to bail them out! This should start immediately if they want to save themselves!

  11. The loss of $4,400 per car is surely what happens when you divide Ford’s total loss by the low number of cars they actually sold, particularly here in the US. The more cars they sell, the lower the loss per car until eventually the company becomes profitable, in theory. It’s all about economy of scale which makes it cheaper per car to produce more cars than fewer – the whole concept of mass production which Henry kind of invented in the first place.

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