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  1. I vote to stop posting more pictures of this car. We’ve seen enough, and I think all educated people can agree this is a disappointment. For example, compare the shifter area to the Lexus IS250. This is cheap plastic, while the Lexus is high-quality wood. I’m not a big fan of Japanese cars but its clear Lexus won the interior quality for the segment and BMW won for driving.

  2. Mercedes has never chosen good interior color schemes. Beige, gray, etc…it almost looks like an American car inside when speaking in terms of coloration.

  3. I think you are getting a lil too C Class happy Vince! But these pics do look progressively better, I will have to check one out in the flesh soon as I see one at the dealer.

  4. Vince, you must really love this car w/ all the photos you have posted in recent days. I don’t blame you but I am not sure which grill I like better.

  5. Good grief Vince, enough of the C class already! Is this your favorite car of all time or something? I personally don’t think it’s all that special!

  6. You guys are right about the posts.
    It starts to look like this is my favorite car of all time and if I am getting ready to marry it.

    Well… There aren’t that many car news around.
    And the C class is big news in the buziness and Mercedes makes sure tons of pics are available.
    I don’t really like it that much myself.

  7. I’m just not a big fan of Mercedes-Benz – period. It’s like they’re trying really hard to be relevant and barely succeed at competency. The styling is so completely derivative now it’s sad. The interior is quite unfortunate in terms of style (can’t speak about quality yet). This thing better really know how to go across the road, because that’ll be about the only thing it will have going for it…

  8. Once again the MB C-class is behind BMW’s 3 series, and now its also behind Lexus IS with this new generation, the interior is really showing cheapness although the exterior is ok, reminds me of a smaller S-class but of course cheaper, i wonder if this car drives anything close to BMW 3 series perhaps thats the only thing that can save this car.

  9. Can someone explain to me why everyone is so interested in wood on the interiors of cars? One reason I really like brands like Infiniti is that they don’t force wood trim on you in every model of their cars. Wood appears very out of place to me in most cars. I understand that many people think it’s a staple of luxury vehicles, but can anyone explain why?

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