Everybody’s testing. Part 1

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Here are a couple of pictures of some Pathfinder prototypes testing something.
Not sure what…
It doesn’t look like a mule for the next one, so my guess is a new engine.

Anyone knows anything???

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  1. I know that my friend owns one and his sister has a hummer H3. they both now agree, 1 year later, that they both think the Pathy is twice the vehicle the Hummer is!

  2. Vince – what are the tell-tale signs of testing? If the body looks identical to current models and there aren’t any weird wires or tape or black-out materials on the car, how does one know that something’s being tested?

  3. maybe they are shoving the v8 in there? the back looks pretty loaded too, so maybe they are testing real world payload?

  4. I know for a fact that they are dropping the 5.6l v8 from the titan and the armada.It’s going to production for the 08 model year.

  5. Looks like its either overloaded in the rear, or a test SUV with also that black one behind it with the the new Crossovers drivetrains


  6. They (Nissan) may also be testing a new all wheel drive system instead of the transfer case layout in the current vehecle.

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