Everybody’s testing. Part 3

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Well, this has to be the new 3.5 Liter V6 in the Fusion.
Hopefully available in the fall.

From what they did with the 500, we can’t expect a new interior anytime soon to go with the new engine.
It is OK now, but it is also quickly getting crushed by the new Altima, and Malibu.
And that’s without even counting the all new Accord next year.

Will a bigger engine be enough?

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  1. Vince – so the Fusion is being crushed by the Malibu before it even reaches the market? Please please please – stop riding the Ford bashing band wagon until you have facts. The Fusion is a good car and the quality has so far been above the Camry.

  2. Well, judging from the rear end it might be a hybrid version. If it was the 3.5L V6 there would be dual exhaust and it looks like there is only a single. It’s funny how Ford talks about being “Bold” and “Innovative” all the time when in reality anything coming out of Dearborn is just playing catch up to the imports. They should have had that 3.5L V6 years ago. Even the Edge. How long has the Nissan Murano been out (along with all the other car based SUV’s)? So when the next big thing comes along from the imports, let’s see how long it takes Ford to catch up to that. Now for a long time I was a Ford supporter but come on. It’s time for them to wake up and really start being “Bold” and “Innovative” instead of “Keeping up with the Jones’s”.

  3. The Fusion doesn’t need a redesigned interior because it’s interior is already very nice, much nicer than the new Altima. And to answer your question, yes, the bigger engine will be very welcome.

  4. I think that might be an awd version, it seems like they r taking measurements at the rear wheels and ford already has added awd to this platform, the 3.5 is likely as well.

  5. I’m really looking forward to the Milan having the new 3.5l engine, the GM/Ford 6 spd auto and all wheel drive in it. I think it’ll be a good car. I too would like to see some improvements in the interior. Namely sportier guages nicer back lighting on the buttons and a new face on the stereo. And I would love to see a manumatic also. In a year or two I plan on buying a new car and would definetely consider the Milan with these improvements.

  6. Could be a 4cyl turbo… tho I’d save that for the MilanXR and give the 3.5v6 / 3.5v6-turbo to the Fusion ST/GT.

  7. You know, Ford did say that they would be considering a Hybrid version of the Fusion/Milan…they may very well be testing it as we speak.

    the 3.5 Liter would be wonderful, but that would ultimately be in the form of an SVT spec version an that seems a little more unlikely given Ford’s turnaround plans and restructuring under a new CEO.

    AWD was just released for 2007 so I am fairly confident that it is not an AWD version being tested. Either, it is the Hybrid, or they are testing a new Transmission, possibly a manumatic.

    We’ll have to wait and see, until then.

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