A few more C Class pictures.

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  1. I think its pretty nice. Definetely a worthy succesor. Although, without that cooler, more modern big mercedes emblem grill, it looks kinda boring and stodgy. But maybe there are those who would want the more traditional look.

  2. The front end (lights) are the same as the 1998 Toyota Altezza (Lexus IS300). Interior looks like its out of a mid 90s American car, except the electronics won’t work in this one. -G

  3. both cars are actually C350’s

    One has the Elegance (luxury 3 point star on hood) package. The other has the Avantegarde(sports package ,coupe like grill). Very smart idea for Mercedes to bundle the packages to make two sepeate models within the model lines.

  4. 8:32 – i totally agree with you. the avant garde steering wheel is ok but the elegance one is misshapen & fugly.

    i definitely like the avantgarde grille a lot better. it looks less cheesy/blingy/traditional and more modern/sleek. not so sure about those little spoilers under the foglights – but i’m one that isn’t into that kind stuff. it always looks tacked on.

    the interior is nice enough, but now that 9:12 pointed it out, it can look a bit dated. and that big volume/pwr button in the center of the stereo dash is a lot like the new GM stereo (even the chrome accent!).

  5. Nice looking car…just a bit plain. I’m hoping it will look more dynamic in real life. The interior is a huge improvement over the current generation. Can’t wait to hear how it drives!

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