Ford Airstream concept

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Forget the Fairlane.
Get us this one instead!

A true American concept. Something people would actually want to buy, wether they need one or not.
It looks like what Syd Mead was designing, in the 60’s.

Imagine taking the family on a road trip in this…

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  1. This looks like something out of The Right Stuff
    and I can see Ed Harris in the driver’s seat sporting his moon gear! (1983).

  2. rad concept! one of the auto sites has an article on it – the body isn’t actually aluminum but a specially forumlate paint that looks like shiny aluminum! a cost-saver!

    i also like how it incorporates a similar ford grille to other concepts ford has.

    does anyone know if this is based on an existing platform?

  3. I’ve never loved a van so much. Ford, be bold and build it! It’s about time someone shows a macho looking van.

  4. Too bad ford never really builds their concepts….this one will never see production because ford really wants to fail.

  5. Ford has some of the best designers in the world, someone at Ford should just let them work. I think this thing with a couple modiification would fly off dealers lots, I for one if it got over 30mpg city would buy.

  6. ford, above all companies shouldn’t waste time on this stuff, their designers could have put a better effort into that weak focus, thier designers should be shot!

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