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Almost every European manufacturer offers this type of cheap, car/van/trucky small things.
Ford now has this one.
They are now actually thinking about importing this to the US form Turkey. Until 2009 when production would then shift to north America.
It would be the 1st of its kind over here.
These small truck/van things are great for small business and also might appeal to more people like young families.
Which is what happens in Europe with the Citroen Berlingo, Renault Kangoo and others.

Here It could appeal to those who always wanted to drive an ice cream truck…

Is this the beginning of European Fords in the US, finally?

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  1. Is this the beginning of European Fords in the US, finally?

    As long as we get no more Merkurs, bring them over now.

  2. you know what? i would buy one. and in my spare time i’d drive around and sell ice cream. it would be awesome.

  3. I like this better than the little Nissan Cubes and Scion Xb’s. This looks more industrial and less toy-like.

  4. Hey, somebody finally brought back the old Nissan Stanza Wagon after 20 years!!!! Hey Vince, can you find a picture of one to compare it to this and post it here for us to see? Who said retro wasn’t cool anymore?

  5. I am from the U.S on Christmas vacation visiting a close frend. He lives just down the road from a Ford dealer in Knooke. I stopped by the dealer to have a look at the European Fords. In person this car does not look trucky as Vince describes it here. I haven’t seen many of these on the roads yet. I don’t know how well this would sell in the U.S. I would much rather have the Focus C-Max than this.

  6. This kind of vehicule is pretty smart. Okay, not very pretty. But it’s stricly for the job… Just don’t consider it as a chic magnet. You’ll be a bit disapointed when you’ll try to burn the tires on the main street…

    But for an electrician or as a delivery car, this is much better than an F-150! If they bring it with a diesel engine, it would run for a few hundred miles…

    Why not?

  7. I just had confirmation from Ford Canada that the Connect will be in Canada for the 2010 model year. They are still not sure if it will be diesel or gas. Diesel, please.

    Hey while they’re at it bring in the full size Transit too.

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