Ford transit van in the US?

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Part of that same “Euro Fords in the US for 2009” rumor I posted earlier includes the Transit commercial van.
A pretty good looking one if you ask me. Especially compared to the horrible Dodge/Mercedes one we now get over here.

By the way, Ford also mentioned they would like to sell the new Mondeo in the US. And they said it would be more expensive than the Fusion (Duh…)
Does that mean they would sell Euro Fords as Mercury, and at the same time, moving the brand a bit upmarket????

Let’s hope so.
If GM can do it with Saturn, why not…

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  1. Wonder “how much more $$$ -upscale”?
    I am all about “price, and what can I get for my price range”.
    There was recently a Milan for under 20K( by a few dollars, literally), on sale. If they can build, oh, a 5 door for not much more( 1,500-2K more), I’d be interested.
    If not… well, guess I’ll have to stick with other , less costly vehicles.
    Still, this can’t hurt Ford, can it?

  2. Why not? Let’s also bring over Europe’s Ranger pick-up and Focus as well. The new european Focus looks much more classy and durable than the one that was recently introduced in detroit autoshow.

  3. why not, big enough and ford needs something. if ford and gmm would sell here what they sell in europe (like they have finally started) they will do better.

  4. Yes Kelly I remember the Merkurs.
    In 1985 Ford tried to launch a new brand inbetween Mercury and Lincoln called Merkur.
    The new models were euro Fords rebadged with a new name for the U.S. Market. They weren’t bad cars, just badly marketed. Ford made the same blunder with the Edsel name plate by trying to fit a new brand inbetween Mercury and Lincoln.

    By using the Mercury name, there wouldn’t be the same level of problems that the hair-splitting Edsel and Merkur nameplates caused

  5. Ford has been kicking around the idea of bringing the Transit over here since at least 1999… the problem is that commercial van customers don’t like euro vans, regardless of their capabilities. Dodge/ Freightliner aren’t exactly dominating the commercial van market with the Sprinter.

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