Honda Accord concept “under the light”

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  1. The sides are too flat…it makes the car look awkwardly tall…wider body work and a wider suspension would eliviate that issue.

  2. As a designer, I think this Accord coupe looks fantastic. Nice proportions, carefully restrained design detailing, and good taste all in a well-conceived package. Nice job, Honda.

    Wouldn’t change a thing (except, maybe, to soften the Dodge Caliberesque grill opening).

    Now what will the four door look like? The last one wasn’t one of Honda’s better designs.

  3. it is the camera distorting the car. View the photos of the Detroit Auto and see that this automobile has quite a bit of shape and style.

  4. square box trunk and car. compare this to the new altims coupe’s sexy cury lines. this is a kleenex box AT BEST!the designer should be shot!

  5. Real nice car. But that front end looks like it was pushed in. It’s too flat, blunt or boxy looking. It does’nt look like it belongs on the car. I do like the rest of it though. Can’t wait to see the sedan.

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