Honda Fit

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A new Fit is due. Even over due.
Even though it is still fairly new in the US.

Not sure when the next one will come out, but it might look like this illustration.
A rumored Hybrid version might also be offered a bit later.
With, again, rumors of up to 90mpg.

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  1. wow, that would definitely be in the basic transportation class, can honda make their vehicles any more generic?

  2. The front end is starting to look almost as goofy as the new CR-V. Why is Honda making all their new vehicles smile at you? Is this the main purpose for the grille on their vehicles? Do they know something we don’t?

  3. Not a bad looking small car. There truely is a need for fuel effiecient small cars in the U.S. that can easily be parked just about anywhere and is a dependable good hauler. Obviously I am refering to city driving.

  4. Heh heh, looks like a cross between a Fit and an ’04 Malibu. I think it’d look better without the chrome strip across the grill. I wonder what 90 mpg will turn into once they change the EPA estimates next year…

  5. Wow… what the hell happened to the auto industry… cars used to be artwork on wheels, and now we’re reduced to this. A fully-enclosed, personality-free golf cart. Before the euro-nuts among us go nuts spewing praise for this thing, let me just say CARS LIKE THIS SUCK… BIG TIME.

  6. It’s not a Honda but a FIAT Grand√© Punto !
    Sorry for my English, y’am French.

    ( Ce n’est pas une Honda, mais une photo montage d’un Fiat Grande Punto !)

  7. WOW. looks like a cartoon which is good imo because these small vehicles need something different to differentiate them from your regular econoboxes.

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