Honda Fit “Daily active concept”

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Usually, I’m not too much into this after market look.
But this was done by Honda and actually makes the “old” Fit look almost futuristic…

Just thought I’d share…

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  1. add music to this……”Yuk Yuk ,…..YukYukYuk,…..Yuk Yuk YUk YUk, YUk Yuk! ( To a hockey chant)

  2. The Fit: when it was first released, about same time frame as the Yaris, both had sales of 6,000+ per month last Summer.
    Now? The past 3 months, (look up the sales the 1st or 2nd of each month, on reuters,, wardsauto, etc…), Barely over 2000 units per month.
    Rio and Accent outsell this thing. I think even the Aveo outsells it. Only other “small/sub-compact” car that is selling less units per month is the VW Rabbit!
    So, why bother with aftermarket?
    PS: The Yaris( although I hate the center dash-speedo, etc) is still selling 5-6K+ per month.

    Anyhow… Honda should throw a Fit(due to sales) and dump this thing.
    maybe try Loweing prices on Civic, and build a new CRX(cheap-o model , to compete with tC).

    Sad when Aveo is outselling this.
    They built it, people don’t seem to want it.

  3. Honda better dump this thing and give us the new version. It’s design is sooo old – too tall, too boxy. And overpriced.

  4. The reason the sales aren’t any higher is Honda is only shipping a limited number of Fits this year. The Fit (Jazz in Europe)sells so many overseas, the allocation for US has been limited.

    We sell every Fit on our lot before it arrives, the story is the same all over DFW and TX, I imagine it is the same throught the US. Car and Driver recently rated it 1st place of 10 vehicles in the subcompact segment, said it almost lapped the field in their point system.

    American Honda just broke ground on a new factory in Indiana, this will alleviate supply issues as it will build the FIt.

    The only reason the Fit isn’t lighting up the sales boards is supply, pure and simple. I work at one of the largest dealers in TX and we only get 5-8 alloted a month. Every one is sold before it lands.

  5. Yeah whatever. The Fit was promoted like crazy and the demand just isn’t where Honda would like it to be… despite how they want to spin it as a supply thing.

    This “concept” looks like an ant.

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