Honda Goldwing

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Not sure if this is new or not.
It is the 1st time I see it, so it’s new to me, at least.

Are they toying with the idea of a new CRX??? Hybrid????

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  1. wow! that thing looks great in the top shot. but then i saw the second shot and thought, “goldwing? no! goldfish!” it has a puckered fish face with gallardo headlights and hood. i love the intense sculpting and tautness of the rest of it, though.

  2. This is Honda?!It looks like a cheap Russian helicopter crash into fish farm. Don’t even let it gets near Acura’s sport concept. Please!

  3. Why would Honda call a concept car “Goldwing”, when they’ve been selling a motorcycle under that name since 1975? Weird.

    But…I really like the look of this car, whatever they call it!

  4. It’s cool. Although I don’t like Lambo-like doors. They look ghetto on Civics and they look dumb on this.

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