Honda S200 Mugen concept

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  1. The front end has Acura-like family resemblance but the rear end says “Miata”.

    Very ordinary. Come on Honda.


  2. Wait, wait, wait….

    Wasn’t the S2000 close to not being produced after 2005? Now they’re pimping it? (I know Mugen’s more than a pimpshop.)

  3. Not.Enough.Fog.Lamps.

    They don’t really have to change much, if anything, about ht S2000. My friend recently purchased a lightly used one. Simply fantastic. A little hard-riding, but, considering its a pure sports car and I just drove a Toyota Avalon previously, its right on the money. He always gets complements too.

  4. … and you can carry it like a purse. no serious convertible has that safety hoop anymore. others done a better job hiding it. com’on honda.

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