Human driving the next C class

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While it does have a high quality look to it (at least on this picture), the design doesn’t seem
that great.
Do they have enough repeat buyers?

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  1. Looks like a 1990s entry-level Volkswagen. The sad thing is its an improvement from the last interior.
    – G

  2. This is probably a pre-production Euro spec C Class. The cars that arrive in the US will most likely feature brighter colors and material combinations.

  3. yes, they have enough buyers. Germans buy a Mercedes because of the three-pointed star – not because there is a car behind it.

  4. It is high quality, it’s a nissan. Do you think that the worlds 4’th largest car manufacturer would do it up wrong??. Nissan/Renault are doin’ it up right!

  5. Well, it looks A LOT like a BMW X3’s and also my Mazda 3.

    I think it’s sharp, funcational, and in final form, will probably be good quality.

    At some point here, car makers are bound to repeat themselves and others…unless they really start getting futuristic and funky with their designs.

  6. Ya I agree, theres no proof its a human. Maybe Mercedes hired the Honda ASIMO robot to design the new C-Class, knowing it could do a better job than a German, ahahaha. – G

  7. Ick. Too BMWish. Chris Bangle is never a good one to copy.

    Mercedes…please move away from the dark side.

  8. Do they make robots with fat rolls now?

    I wanna be the first to market diet products to them then!

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