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  1. OMG. Ford had invented a time machine after it killed or starved all of its best sellers and “car of the year”(Except Mustang). We don’t need dinosaurs from 60s; FORD need family sedan and SUV in Aston Martin style. Why Mazda looks in much better shape than Ford now? Anyone want to guess?

  2. I doubt this will be available as seen in the photos. More then likely it will be watered down like everything else that comes off the productions line these days.

  3. So, when do we see the finished product?

    While, the interior kind of matches the exterior and the exterior looks pretty good, the interior is hideous.

  4. Whatta??? the exterior looks so fresh and promising, but the interior is a total disappointment 🙁 Way too retro and boring…

    Nice seats though…

  5. It is amazing how the interior and exterior are polar opposites of each other. The instrument pod looks really nice but the rest of the interior just moves down hill from there.

  6. My guess, Ford say the rapidly failing Mazda poured billions into their recovery, put in great management and let mazda create an identity (zoom, zoom). Good management, lots of Fords cash and a flexible workforce. That sums it up. As for this vehicles, I like it, strong styling statement, unclutterd interior, a drivers car.

  7. No. This machine is fabulous. The interior is clean, simple and honest. It lacks all those useless features that clutter things up, like heated headliners, massaging armrests, undercar camera, hydraulic suspension, etc.

  8. I dislike these dumb concept teases that are so far removed from real cars that they make no sense except to get morons excited.

    And that square-themed interior is unappealing, too.

    Why doesn’t Ford stop this silliness and make real cars that people want?
    There isn’t a Ford that’s worth considering today–even the Edge, Fusion, and 500 are unimpressive compared with their competitors.

  9. All I can think of is how much money Ford waisted coming up with these total crap concepts. Ford is so stuck in the past that it’s hindering their progress forward.

  10. Long time reader and first time poster. I like this interior, especially the dash, the console, and the seats.
    But I hate the square steering wheel and gauges. Looking at and in the steering wheel reminds me of a crazy earless rabbit I once came across in the desert.

  11. Jason said…

    Whatta??? the exterior looks so fresh and promising, but the interior is a total disappointment 🙁 Way too retro and boring…

    Nice seats though…

    Mmmm, boy. I bet those square holes in the seats feel really nice on the legs and butt after about, oh, I dunno, 2 miles.

    But I agree with you that the exterior is fresh and promising.

  12. Retro 60’s dash? No thank you. Their design sucked then, too.Head rests mounted on the ceiling? No. Square gauges? Why?A 1961 Plymouth Fury square steering wheel? Just plain gross.

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