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A stupid name for a pretty nice looking car.
It is made and sold in Europe.
And we won’t get it over here…

It is pretty much aimed at the Focus/Golf crowd and I think it might actually work here against the Mazda3, for quite a bit less money. And there might be a void created by killing the Focus hatchback in the US.
But what do I know….

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  1. Been awhile since you posted anything about Hyundai/Kia Vince. Thanks for the pics. It looks really nice. I wonder why we won’t be getting this here in North America. Styling looks better than anything Kia has over right now. And they are offering an even better warrenty over there. Shouldn’t they be putting more emphasis on the NA market?

  2. I like this Ceed. I just saw the Volvo C30 at the DC car show and love it…but for 10k bucks less would grab this Kia in a minute.

  3. No, Kia and Hyundai Do NOT offer a better warranty anywhere like they do in th eUSA( maybe you read something about Kilometer, like 5 years, 80K coverage, vs miles? Sounds like it).

    Kia has the Rondo out. It is supposedly competing against the Mazda5 or whatever( the wagon-minivan-CUV thing… seats 5 or 7, with a 3rd row seat).
    The Rondo sort of looks like this, but kind of ” bland”.
    I was on edmunds ( on dec 7 and in jan, think the 11th, chats, one in dec with Len Hunt, Big hsot running KMA, and Ian Beavis, advertising marketing guy, KMA, in jan)…
    Long story short, both guys did shoot down that this will come to the USA( as Vince stated).
    I asked if they had thought of the Pro-C’eed, a 3 door, sproty hatch, to bring to the USA? Again, no C’eed(s) of any kind.

    From what i got out of the 2 chats, was that Kia(Might) make make the Kue( think that is what they said), and are thinking abtou a coupe Optima, and of course, the Soul(coming out this year as a “scion fighter”).
    Also, 2010(?), look for a new design(Audi designer works for Kia now, and a mazda guy , who worked on the “zoom zoom” part of mazda, tunes Kia’s now)…a “Kia” signatrue type of deal, where the metal loooks likes skin stretched out over the frames of the cars(futurisitc looks>).
    No idea of a sporty car( asked both times, both chats, Nothing, no replies).
    Sorry to prattle on Vince…. just thought since this is the first Hyundai/Kia thing in awhile, try to get everyone “up to date” from the chats,and what is (supposedly) going one.

  4. Nice but (ext) would look so much better with smaller headlites & (int) less of Vaolvo-ish big plain dash.

  5. Tc thanks for the info and the updates. I think the KIA brand is on the way up, its market share is growing steadily and they are getting captive sales from the domestics, mostly Ford and a few orphans for right now.

    If they can bring something similar to this with the pre-requisite high MPG savings it should be a hit here.


  6. Ok, Jac, no problem. One thing I forgot to mention was that when the deal about trucks( would there be any), Both parties said No, it’s “not on the front burner for now”( but, if you read the” Future Vehicles” things on various auto site, they mention 2009 as Kia /Hyundai get a Frontier sized truck”, but these sites are Maybe 75% accurate).
    The one thing about Kia and Hyundai, hard to ell what will happen next. Seems we find out maybe months9 rather than 1-2 years, like some makers) what will be on the lots.
    There is a rumor of an Elantra hatch coming out(again, a rumor for now).
    Supposedly, it would be based on this platform?

  7. Hey Vince,

    Allow me to face you with THE reason why this car will probably be a huge succes:

    Kia offers SEVEN years of warranty on the whole car in whole Europe. It’s amazing, but it’s true.

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