Lexus IS-F

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Looks like a joke.

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  1. disappointed, very disappointed, looks like some cheap homemade body kits. I hope Lexus will offer the V8 with the standard body without this joke!

  2. Who designed this thing, an 8-year-old? Too goofy. The profile of the long droopy snout reminds me of the Ymir from “20 Million Miles to Earth”.

  3. It looks so much better in person…and the performance is something to brag about.
    Still not for me though…

  4. What a carp is this??!! The normal IS is much better than this thing. I hope like hell that the production version will not be like this one.

  5. actually beauty is in the beholder, i find this stunning, sure the M3 is more sleek but thats not what the Lexus should be, BMW is euro and their cars have euro tastes, while the new Caddys have bold American designs but this Lexus shows import culture with bodykits and vents, plus right now its too early to just judge the car based on pics, many pictures do no justice to different cars so this is perhaps one of them, plus i choose this over any Mercedes or Audi, and would really make me think between the IS-F and the M3

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