Lincoln MKR Concept

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Looks very nice. But really.
They need this right now in their showrooms, not a watered down verion in 3 or 4 years…

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  1. Other than the obvious ‘refinements’ to the design needed for production, I’ll give Fomoco 10 months to bring this out before I start really complaining… or does threatening to complain = complaining?

  2. Love the grille, and the steering wheel. I’m cautiously optimistic. This is Ford after all… they’ve never been short on breathtaking concept cars. But when it comes to translating those into production cars, that’s where they lose it. Yet another beautiful concept, let’s hope they start getting the production versions right.

  3. Except for the front, I think it looks amazing. I’m completely over the exaggerated grille thing though. The snout looks like a Dali-esque nightmare.

  4. i like the tautness of the shape. but i share the sentiment of the anti-huge-grillers.

    i think it should end where that horizontal line is…so about half the height. i like the slim headlights, tho!

  5. this is nice. i am not too thrilled about that front grille set up.change the front and make it real soon.

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