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Remember the MKS???
They showed it to us a year ago already, then… Nothing.

The new concept has a completely different “design language”. (especially in the front)
Does that mean they went back to the drawing board and redesign the MKS front end to fit the “new look”???
Does it also men the current Lincolns (barely out) will have another front end within a couple of years???

They need to stick to one thing, at least for a little while….

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  1. “Looks very nice. But really.
    They need this right now in their showrooms, not a watered down verion in 3 or 4 years…”

  2. I thought the design they showed was very derivative and did nothingn to change peoples perceptions. They need a statement that Lincoln is back, alive and well, hopefully the new design language will do that for the brand.

  3. Lincoln needs to stop over thinking this and just build one of their beautiful concepts. Any one of these vehicles would have likely sold very well, but they were never produced. Instead we get designed-by-focusgroup vehicles that are a complete letdown. The concept Zephyr versus the production Zephyr (clunky by comparison) is a perfect example of this. Lincoln should take a look at the success of Chrysler’s 300C. These kinds of dramatic vehicles are appealing to buyers who don’t want to drive mainstream family sedans. The 300C is more of a Lincoln than any MKZ ever will be.

  4. This seems to be production ready (More pictures are available showing the interior, the back, etc.) and I don’t see any technology that’s not seen on production vehicules already.

    I guess there is still hope to see this concept pretty much as is in a year and a half in dealerships.

    That would be great news! But don’t wait Ford and don’t start the TV commercials 2 years ahead!!! (Like with the Ford Edge – I’ve never seen one but it doesn’t look new or special to me anymore. -Has-ti ever looked special anyway??)

    The Quebecer

  5. Adidas : I think another good example is the Aura. It was awsome before they watered-it down with some chrysler sebring wheels and different plastic cladding to make it appear to elders.

    The other extreme is the Solstice. It stayed just as the concept was, but it’s stupidly designed. (No cupholders, nowhere to empty your pockets, Nowhere for the IPOD/cell, no trunk, etc.) I would be forced to buy a miata.

  6. G6 GT, I agree with you about the Solstice. Personally I found the Miata (1st gen) tough to live with as a daily driver. But I didn’t care, it was fun. With no trunk, the practicality of the Solstice is even more unrealistic. However if you over-think the purchase of this type of vehicle, you’ll talk yourself out of it and just buy a sedan. The Solstice and Sky are selling like crazy, so this is an emotional purchase for people, not a practical one.

    I am impressed with the Aura. I think it stayed true to the concept pretty well. Slightly less aggressive than the concept, at least the design elements and proportion are correct. Compared that to the Zephyr, which looks like a completely differently proportioned, differently shaped and differently designed car from the concept… the Aura has been very well received so far.

  7. Can’t figure out which would be more interesting – the MKS showing up at NAIAS mostly unchanged; with a MKR-ish redo, or not being there at all?????

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