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The new Toyota Previa is now available with the 3.5 Liter V6.

Would you buy this over the new Chrysler???

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  1. Yes I’d buy it over the Chrysler because its a Toyota, even if the styling sucks. Simple fact… Toyotas are better than anything from Dodge, etc…

  2. I’m afraid not. The dash seems cluttered and difficult to read. I prefer the clean solid look of the Dodge and if you do not like the wood you get probably get it without it.

  3. Are those center-mounted gauges?!! I dread those (think Echo and Ion). Even the women in the photo has to take her eyes off the “road” ahead to look to her right to see the speedometer. That is crap! So, Vince, to answer your question … No, wouldn’t buy over DCX.

  4. Heck no, this Previa may look nice on the interior with bunch of fake wood treatment (ex. Avalon Limited), but I say Chrysler is still better. Chrysler also uses fake wood, but it has totally different feeling.

  5. It is interesting to see the real version of this minivan. What they sell and make in the US is just a cheap copy.
    Also, the steering wheel was on the left side, so I am wondering if this is ready for the rest of the world.
    Maybe we can finally get a real Toyota from Japan again.

  6. Here is a prime example of how the US manufacturers are playing catch up. The interior of this new Previa is light years ahead of anything coming out of the US, even with the center mounted gauges. And those Maybach-ish foor recliners on the rear seats, that’s another big feature that will have everybody scrambling to the the drawing board.

  7. That centered videogame …I mean IP… is an instant VETO!! Those Toy designers gotta stop playing them so much… they could go blind… oh wait… Tho this rendition of a Citroen front end is kinda pleasant.

  8. Import fans will buy Toyota and American patriots will buy DCX for sure. However, if people who need a minivan, not as if they want it anyways, they will probably buy the cheapest one to run they can find. Therefore, Dodge will be the volume winner. However, you can’t help but think that Toyota will still pull a bigger profit from its minivan sales than DCX.

  9. toyota turned the US civic into a minivan!

    i like the recline feature in the second row. my legs are long so the cushion of the second rows in some minivans is woefully short. everything else (center mounted gauges, super bright and light wood with cheap plastic silver accents) is blah.

  10. You can’t compare this to the DCX vans – this one is light years ahead of the DCX vans. Chrysler is coming out with weak designs.

  11. Put the Toyota engine and transmission in the Dodge and I will buy the Dodge. Dodge cant build a frickin drivetrain.

  12. Lots of Japanese minivans come with centre-mounted gauges and VERY VERY VERY cluttered dashes, not only Toyota but others like Nissan. Most of the dashes that are cluttered are because that the dash needs to also support a shift lever and sometimes a large navigation screen. So that takes up space. Anyways for this Previa, it looks better than the Sienna but just a bit too weird. That cluttered dash on the Previa is nothing like the ones by Honda.

  13. It looks smaller than Chrysler’s minivans (unless that’s one big Jap). Exterior styling is more swoopy, but the interior is a horrible mess. The digital instruments look like something out of an 80s Oldsmobile, and are centered mounted to boot. Ugh. Didn’t Toyota notice what happened to the Quest? And what’s up with that ghastly piss-colored yellow fake wood? How much of that crap does Toyota have? And what about the gated shifter? Is this a better location than Chryslers? The reclining seats are nice, but Toyota should think of a nicer place to put them.

  14. I am so happy that Toyota is putting GM, Ford, and Chrysler out of business. The Big Three have made crap my entire life. Now if pnly Toyota could impeach Bush!!!

  15. I’m surprised no one knows this is the later generation of the Previa we got early last decade. It has evolved to this, also available as a hybrid.

    In terms of the size, should only be a bit larger than our last Previa. I don’t think a 4X8 could fit back then…

    Also this is probably a version released in Taiwan (Chinese in the first pic), so that’s why it’s left-hand drive.

  16. Would you buy this over the new Chrysler???

    Yes. I’d buy a Toyota over any Chrysler, Ford, or GM.

  17. It looks like linda blair yacked all over the dash and stearing wheel. Um ugly. I would buy the S-Max before any other minivan. It is modern looking, cool interior features and apparently drives like a charm.

  18. I wouldn’t buy Toyota garbage at any price. If I were in the market for a minivan, I’d get an Odyssey before I’d get a T&C

  19. i agree that the color of the wood on the dash isnt that attractive, but dont forget, it doesnt come on all models. i would take the base version to avoid the “cluttered” dash, too, and walk away with a minivan that is truly modern (the s-max is nice, but in all honestly not that modern), cheap to own, and better than any US “minivan” (odyssey is now almost the size of a 15-passenger van).

  20. This model would make a great ‘crossover’ for the Lexus lineup! Those rear lazy boy recliners would cinch the deal for a lot of people looking for something on a whole nother level!

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