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This does look like a Mazda, but which one?
It is obviously influenced by recent mazda concepts, so it might be some upcoming sedan concept.

The best answer would be: this is the next Mazda 6.
Imagine this car in the “affordable mid sized sedan ” market.
A true Camry/Accord killer.

But let’s not dream that much.
It’s not healthy…

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  1. Actually, Vince, thats a Vauxhall logo and grille on the front. Looks like a strange photoshop between Vauxhall, Lancia (canopy and rear design,) and Peugeot (headlights.) However, the shape is quite dynamic and expensive looking.

  2. If its a Mazda, maybe its the Mazda 9, replacement for the 929 and Millenia and the whole Amati brand. -G

  3. Isn’t there a wankel shaped recess for the indicators in front of the doors? Could it be a RX-9 sedan?

  4. No it is a Mazda. Is has the same alloys and lines from the Senku concept. But its another photochop from a Japanese magazine. And they are usually based on nothing

    The new Mazda6 will look totally different

    Greetz Matt

  5. I’m pretty sure those wheels are off a recent Mazda concept. (Nagare?) It looks like a photoshop of that.

  6. Eat this toycrap and honda junk, this is the new mazda 6 due this fall. it will be the new champ!

  7. Vince,

    It will take more than skin to kill Accord/Camry. The Americans and others have been trying, but still the Accord still remain the only car that ever made the top ten bests for 21 times.

    Even Toyota doesn’t have that track record.

  8. Wouldn’t this be a great way to get Mazda back into the large car market. It makes sense to me with 929 badges.

  9. OMG :drool: Mz needs & deserves an MX-9!!! & as a friend once said, “a genuine copy of an original fake” (miss ya Ken)

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