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It even has the oversized multi panel glass roof that is a cool option on the Aura.
I think this car is very bad news for Saturn…

And if reviews turn out good, a bad headache for Toyota and Honda.

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  1. Side profile? SHOCKINGLY attractive for a Chevrolet. Nice work!

    Interior? Not-so-shockingly DISGUSTING. Typical for a Chevrolet.

    Would never buy one.

  2. The only thing i am not sure about on this car is the rear. It’s just weird. I absolutely hated it the first time I saw it, but then it began to grow on me more and more. I don’t hate it anymore, but it sure is odd. Like they pieced together a mitsubishi diamante, a late 90-s early 2000’s impala, and something else i can’t quite put my finger on. But I think it will keep growing on me.

  3. Now Burlapp posts one of his favorite cars instead of the MB models.
    Since the Accord and Camry
    are built in the US as well as most of its parts
    to me it is the same car as the Malibu but with a Japanese name.
    Real Toyotas and Hondas are Japanese made.

  4. See? Competition is a good thing! If not for Toyota/Honda, etc… ya think GM would even bother to try to build something this good?

    I hope they haul this thing to the Columbus, OH autoshow in March…

  5. Huge improvement over the current, clunky-looking Malibu.

    But this new Malibu is a derivative style: mostly a mix of Toyota Avalon and Acura TL.

    So, it breaks no new ground, but if it’s comfortable for 5 adults and it’s service record is good, it’ll be a winner.

    Sure thing it’ll kill the Pontiac G6 and compete strongly with GM’s own Saturn Aura.

    Fortunately, both the Malibu and the Aura are competitive mid-sized sedans and are exactly what GM currently needs.

  6. honestly, looking at the pictures make me take back my initial opinion. it looks just as good, if not better then almost all the saturns, mazdas, hondas, toyotas and nissans. i think it is clean and just enough. the interior sets the whole car of with some retro details and very sporty features thrown in as well. this could possibly kill the competition. as long as the price is low and competitive ( maybe even in hyundai territory )

  7. Glad to see real American innovation and design. But i hate to say that import buyers are hard to turn and the first one(s)to die off may be Saab, Ford, Pontiac, and Buick.

  8. Wow this is a GM made car? good, competition is really heating up and this is only good news for us consumers, based on this pic the interior seems interesting but i reserve final judgement when i sit inside, great exterior design, but i’m not sure about the moonroof design, its on the Pontiac G6 and i don’t see much people selecting the option.

  9. vince i dont think this is a threat to the aura…i was waiting for this car to come out but i prefer the auras styling over the malibus…..and i really dont think the camry has anything to worry about more like the fusion and sebring only if the fusion had a 3.5 engine and a sportshift option with better gauge treatment and if it got rid off that aweful audio box out and offerd a dual climate well i have deceided between the camry 3.5 se or aura xr most likely the aura xr

  10. That interior gives me a headache ! Too many colors and textures. From just one picture I see black, red, silver, chrome, !! Way too busy, might look good at first glance but it will tire very fast !! Considering that the interior is where you spend your time I would never buy this car. Typical GM interior.

  11. I think all of you be most dissapointed when you see this car in person. It has none of the tight proportions and disciplined detailing that the Saturn has. The A-pillar and the overhang in front 3/4 is shockingly tortured. The rear lacks any substance or any sense of quality. I was very saddened after my initial reaction to the posted photography. A good photographer can make even Tori Spelling loook good.

  12. The gauges look like the ones on the concept Buick Enclave… They cheapened them (along with the rest of the interior) on the production version of the Enclave.

  13. I don’t know what you guys are all excited about, the Saturn has a much better design. The exterior is not an improvement over the typical GM style. The interior design is good, but that pinkish orange colour is disgusting. I would pick the Camry or Aura over this for sure. – G

  14. You know, they do offer different colors for the interior. Like most any cars on the market.

    Plus, this one doesn’t have the super cheap/fake looking plastiwood from thwe Aura.
    Even the door panels look much better…

  15. Anonymous said…

    Wow, that dash looks like it’s from the previous generation Mustang ! Ugly !!!!!!!!!!!

    9:35 PM

    Yes, the previous generation Mustang was ugly and can’t hold a candle to this new Malibu’s classy dash. Both are/were inspired by a dual-cockpit design, but the older Mustang looked like a 3rd-grader designed it with Crayons on craft paper.

  16. i would rather buy the aura vince….the quality on the aura is just different from the malibu for some reason and rear end is ugly…..

  17. This is a great car, and it’s not going to kill the Aura OR the G6 – there’s plenty of room for all 3 to collectively take a bite out of Honda, Nissan & Toyota mid-side sedan market share. GM is finally getting their cloning efforts right, making things common across brands under the skin where you can’t really tell, but differentiating the different models with more than just a grille badge. The Saturn & Malibu will both do very well for GM.

  18. This car is stunning inside and out. As for what it will do to the sales of the Aura… who knows. Regardless, providing customers with two great vehicles from which to choose is a good way to steal customers away from Toyonda and Nissazda

  19. While this is a good looking car both inside and out and if it’s reliable and a good drive it SHOULD sell well.

    In my opinion, though, the Chevy brand is dead for passenger cars. Nice effort but 10 years too late.

  20. While this is a good looking car both inside and out and if it’s reliable and a good drive it SHOULD sell well.

    In my opinion, though, the Chevy brand is dead for passenger cars. Nice effort but 10 years too late.

  21. “In my opinion, though, the Chevy brand is dead for passenger cars. Nice effort but 10 years too late.”

    That’s what they said about Nissan during their pre-2nd generation altima days and Toyota pre-oil embargo.

    It’s a funny thing about successful companies… they generally get that way by providing good products. Slick marketing and PR isn’t going to help GM. It’s all about providing good products that are a good value. It won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen at all if GM isn’t consistent.

    This car will contibute to GM’s turnaround. But it cannot stop with one or two smart looking designs.

  22. But Chevy is not Nissan. Nissan has always been on the shopping list of lots of east and west coast types while looking for a new sedan.

    Chevy hasn’t been there since the 70s.

    I know this is just a personal observation but just about anyone I know would go into a Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, (and yes Saturn) dealership while shopping for a car. They wouldn’t be caught dead going to a Chevy dealer.

    They just burned too many people back in the 80s and 90s. Same can’t be said for Nissan.

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