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  1. Honda copying Hyundai?

    The front-end looks very similar to that of Sonata

    Not necessarily a bad thing, since anything after the ugly-looking current accord (sedan & coupe) will be a relieve!

  2. I had high hopes for this one too, I thought Honda was finally going to release an exciting design, but I guess not.

    The headlights have a pure Sonata feel, while the grill shape is just a little too much like Dodge for my liking. The side profile is nice, especially the c pillar design but the rear is once again boring.

    The Altima Coupe is light years ahead of this in design.

    I used to have a 1997 Accord Coupe and I hated it. The seats were terrible and it actually had mechanical problems that the dealer could not fix even after the car was in several times. So I’m far from convinced about Honda reliability.

  3. The front looks like a step back and the back looks like a step forward. Hopefully they massage the angles on the front for production.
    Either way they’ll sell hundreds of thousands of coupes and sedans.

  4. The front end does scream TC and the rear does scream altima coupe, but i like it alot ! much better than the last current design direction of hondas.

  5. i think the rear end looks pretty nice…. i’m not a fan of the civic/cr-v type styling. this is much more contemporary and conventionally good looking.

    i can see slight sonata and dodge cues in the front, but what it really looks like is an evolution of the tsx’s front end. it is after all the euro accord.

  6. This concept looks dated and it just was conceived? The rear end looks like the old Acura CL from the late 90’s! With all the modern tools at their disposal, you would think designers today could come up with something that hasn’t been done before! These pictures are just a waste of space on your blog Vince!

  7. Anonymous said…

    At least it doesn’t have a vent on the side. Jeez, I’m tired of seeing those already.

    Then you’ll just hate the new Focus.

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