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  1. I noticed something. The front end of this appears Similar(not exactly alike) to the upcoming Dodge Avenger front end!

  2. I love the exterior and interior but you are right vince the town and country is ugly but i can deal with the caravan’s styling which will still be a number one seller in america.

  3. doesnt dcx know that those are the after market gauges for the high school honda civics…..come chrysler there is not vehicle in your line up besides the srt’s that has me interested in your cars

  4. Reasding the posts here I realize I’m in the minority, but I like the looks of the new Caravan and Town & Country. They have a sort of SUV/truck-like look, a lot more manly (or as manly as a minivan can be) than the soft, rounded feminine minivans from Asia. Being a current mimivan owner (who also likes stylish vehicles), I will definitely consider them when the time comes.

  5. the exterior is far too retro for a dodge, dodges are ment to look agressive and sporty but the crysler model with a 300 front end would look pretty good. the interior is far too dated looking it looks like a big hunk of plastic combined with flimsy switchgear and vomit inducing tan colouring

  6. Vince, Do you think Honda, Toyota, Kia and Hyundai will follow Chrysler’s new suit when it comes to the future of what we still call minivans???

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