More Lexus IS-F pictures

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Still an awkward looking thing…

It just looks like there is something wrong going on. Like if it’s not street legal, or it’s been in an accident.

Or maybe it’s just plain ugly…

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  1. these will be remembered as cars that tried too hard….with a huge ugly nose….like some guys in high school

  2. I think it looks aggressive and mean. An IS on steroids. The regular IS 250 and more powerful IS 350 look great though, more ‘balanced’ in an aesthetic sense. This car seems a bit overly bulked up.

  3. I think what is throwing you folks off is that the front hood and fenders have been notably enlarged — and yes, it does throw the proportions out of whack a bit. Had to be done though, to fit that big honkin’ V8 under there…

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