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  1. based on the looks alone its certainly not an aston competitor, im sure in the performance department it will be, but astons are gt’s not all out exotics, or sports cars. the new nsx, the gtr, the 911, r8, are closer competitors to this thing, which looks rediculous, and overstyled very ugly, i like the interior though reminds me of the old lexus sc a little

  2. it looks like a catfish without the whiskers. or another kind of bottom feeding fish. that doesn’t exactly exude class to me O:-)

  3. Ok please design all our cars to look like elephant front ends ! im sure some one will find this sexy but I certainly dont !

  4. I think it’s quite stunning and an improvement over the original concept. Have to see it in person to make a better judgment though.

  5. This………..I love the orginal LFA concept, but this one……..The side is ok, but the back and the front…….I want a batmobile…….rather than this one……..

  6. Initially I liked this. But as I keep seeing pictures from different angles, the front is really disturbing. Just bad. The rear design is very cool though.

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