More pictures of the new Citroen C4 Picasso

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Exactly what a Citroen should be.
Futuristic and a little bid weird.

This will be tough competition to the Mazda 5, in Europe.
At least for those who want to drive something that looks like it was actually designed in the 21st Century…

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  1. this looks better than the Mazda5 or the similar type of vehicle, the Kia Rondo. Too bad it’s not a USA bound company/vehicle.
    Like the cool hatch( open the glass only, or the while rear hatch). This car just looks cool, not like some “wagon” type of car.
    Oh well.

  2. I know where I saw something(mildly) looking like this, the old 3 door “Geo” Storm. One or two still running around my area(one in good shape, minus somebody rust, the other really rusted out, interior about shot)…. the first photo, sort of reminds me of it, for some reason. Maybe just the(sort of ) general body shape?

  3. did a net search, and there are some pix from late last Summer on Edmunds, etc, but the one’s you have up look Better, Maybe Updated slightly?
    The rear end is the most different looking. Looks better here. The other one has some odd lights( Volvo-like) and “flat” back end, where this has some curves, and the “spoiler”, etc, and the front here is slightly different, and better, looking, too.

    Still, we won’t get one 🙁
    This is th e “cool” version, the other I had seen was better than most in this new “CUV” catagory, but nothing in comparison to this stand out.This looks sporty, not ” I had to settle” for this CUV, it’s the best out there, as on Edmunds.

  4. Vince,
    hey, I looked up more Images(internet searches) for Picasso C4, and it does not look( as good) as this. Like I said earlier, rear lights like a Volvo wagon, flat back end, kind of more like a station wagon-ish appearance( not good).
    I also looked up C4 coupe… and it sort of had this design, but had weird side windows, odd shapes, like a Scion or the Kia Soul( intentionally “off kilter” in design).
    Others should take note( others being makers selling in USA, liek Kia, Mazda, etc, in this catagory) and perhaps on refresh time…copy this for the USA market!

  5. Your right Vince-Citroen should be futuristic and ‘a little bit weird’. But let’s not forget attractive and cool. This thing has terrible proportions and the design themes are just awful. Here in Holland the DS is still a common sight-and it looks amazing (even the ones in terrible condition). Citroen lost its way a long time ago and never got back on track. Unfortunately.

  6. well the mazda 5 is not a leader in europe.. even if it is new the megane scenic or the zafira are still leaders and more significant benchmarks. i mean i’d guess the madza 5 barely makes seat Altea numbers and sells less than the touran wich looks bland.

  7. Oh man this car looks so yummy… look at the fabric! Puts leather to shame. Makes me want to move to Europe just so I can own this car.

  8. i just bought one of these for equivalent of $22,000. i hear there is discount out there for as much as $5,000. not sure if its true, but i LOVE this car except if its dusty you can dirty your clothes putting stuff in back

    yes, i did look at mazda 5, wanted more excitement and comfort. heard this won MPV of year in britain

  9. Vince, I love this new Citroen and was wondering how you would go about buying one overseas and bringing it here to America? It really looks futuristic and the convenience of the 2 piece rear hatch should be standard on more vehicles sold here. The only one that comes to mind was the Honda CR-V, but they don’t offer that feature anymore on the new model.

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