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  1. Wow, blue lighting! This is totally pimp! Now if they can do something about the acres of faux wood, the crummy interior materials, the clumsy styling of the dashboard and the amateur-hour generic exterior, this thing might be appealing. Did Chrysler just decide to hand over their minivan sales to Toyota and Honda? Really depressing.

  2. Death by boredom. Nobody buys these things other than rental car companies. In short… who cares?

  3. Comment by Anonymous @12:08 pm,
    “Nobody buys these things other than rental car companies.” Really, cause I know several people that own their Chrysler Mini-vans. And Chrysler is & will possible be near the top sellers (since GM & Ford have said that they will not be producing Mini-van in the near future) of this category of vehicles. The interior looks nice. I’m not to sure about the Exterior, kind of conservative.

    Do you know if VW be get a re-badged version of this vehicle? I thought I heard awhile back that this vehicle was going to be a joint venture between DCX & VW.

  4. Wow, that is one ugly and un-inspiring vehicle. The current one looks better. Chrysler and Dodge’s new products are sad. Add this to a list of ugly new products such as the Aspen, Durango and Sebring.

  5. I would think the VW version (US sales only) will just have a new front end and maybe a redesigned dash.
    I wouldn’t expect more…

  6. My goodness, all the trashing already on a vehicle NO ONE has driven let alone seen in person!

    A minivan is about utility. Style? That’s a bonus. Again, look at Nissan who tried something different…not selling so well!!!

    Let’s reserve judgment AFTER we get a chance to actually see their hard work.

  7. I still want a big sun roof. Unless you are a relative of Dracula, nothing can replace the real sun light.

  8. utility doesn’t have to be frumpy – especially since the prices of higher-level minivans creep up into the mid to high 30s. look at the audi avant and volvo v50. though they’re station wagons, they look great.

  9. well i hope it’s safer than the previous one.. in europe it got a TERRIBLE crash test rating… like 2/5 with a 0% frontal impact rating:

    “Frontal Impact: The steering wheel and air bag were forced upwards and into the driver’s face, hitting his head hard and putting strain on his neck. The driver’s chest also hit the steering wheel, increasing risk of injury. His knees were poorly protected too, and the chances of him injuring his left thigh were very high. The footwell spilt open and his lower legs and feet were poorly protected. The passenger also ran a considerable risk of chest injury.”

    sounds like a chinese car to me.. yet, it sells :/


  10. With minivans, it’s the features, stupid. And Chrylsers new minivans are loaded with them, which will resonate well with buyers. Toyota and Honda should take note.

  11. While all the “experts” are pontificating over the styling of Chryslers new minivans, they never consider that perhaps a lot of people will like how they look. If boring design were a death sentence, the Camry and Accord would be long buried.

  12. Hey dude !

    At least Camry and Accord ARE reliable !!! That’s the first reason why people buy it.

  13. Who doesn’t want a stylish vehicle with a well designed interior? These new vans look like they have Down Syndrome. While the Odyssey and Sienna aren’t exactly sports cars, they are much less dorky and generic. Miles of fake wood, that awful interior design, that blue limo lighting… good gawd this is hideous! What gimmickey features could exist that will make an 80s throwback a consideration for anyone? The back-breaker better known as “Sto-n-go seating?” No thanks. Alongside the Sebring, this is another embarrassing and fatal error for Chrysler.


  15. This is an old design they scrapped back in the early 90’s for a more modern look that we know as the second generation. Chrysler is just trying to hide the fact that these are still minivans by making the front end more squared off and less aerodynamic!

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