Movie stars with Saturn

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Would these millionaires really be looking at a Saturn Outlook without being paid to do so???

I don’t thinks so…
The Outlook is a very nice car, but these people are spoiled with their Bentleys and Aston Martins.
(and who can blame them, really)

And also, I really don’t think Tiger Woods drives a Buick…

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  1. You’re not getting old..
    Maybe just not watching all that crap on TV, that’s all.

    They are Terry Hatcher and Antonio Banderas.

  2. I’m the guy who asked who they are.

    Once you said the names, I do recognize them, but without names I couldn’t place them.

    I do like Antonio Banderas. I took my nephews to all the spy kids movies (3D sucked, the other 2 weren’t bad) and I’ve also seen Desperado + Once Upon a Time in Mexico. His Puss In Boots character in Shrek 2 was funny as hell.

    As far as Terry Hatcher, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her act in anything. I’m not much of a network TV watcher.

  3. why not? not all stars want to be seen everywhere they go, i am sure they have fancy cars in their stable but a civilian car for the low profile days…

  4. Well, Toyota gives a Prius to every celeb who wants one. Sucking up to celebrities is not exactly a new concept. There’s no problem with Saturn doing it. Terry Hatcher in a Saturn seems a little bit more plausable than Tiger Woods driving a Buick minivan. At least Saturn is doing this with their impressive vehicles and didn’t attempt this with the Ion.

  5. Toyota does not giveaway Prius to celebs. Leonardo Dicaprio bought a bunch for himself and family but he is a treehugger. In fact, it was on TV he bought them at a specific dealership in Hollywood…

    There are basically 3 kinds of Prius buyers: 1) think they are doing something good to the environment 2) wants people to think they are 3) the carpool advantage

  6. Toyota does give away Priuses to celebs. Lots. One of the many agencies that orchestrates this type of thing is called Starworks. Clients pay celebrities to drive certain cars, wear certain clothes and jewelry, and consume certain drinks conspicuously in front of the cameras as they go about their day. It’s supposed to look natural. Toyota, for a fact, promotes this way very heavily with the Prius and everyone in the industry knows it. So does Hummer, Harry Winston, Apple and Starbucks. Frankly, there’s nothing wrong with it.

  7. There is a difference between sponsors and giving cars away. And no, Harry Winston does not giveaway their million dollars jewelry either.

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