New Acura Coupe?

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I am not sure what this is but it doesn’t seem to be the super expensive V10 Acura NSX due next year (or is it???)
I heard before that Acura is thinking of a new coupe model.
Seems that Honda is seeing a future in the coupe market with their all new Accord Coupe.

Maybe Acura will bet a coupe based on the TSX/Euro Accord?

Why not.

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  1. You’re not sure what it is? Just a sec, you’re actually telling us that you don’t know what car is featured on a picture that has your own watermarked logo/address stamped on it? Man, I rest my case with you…

  2. That’s right, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

    Plesase, “rest your case with me” and read regular car magazines.

  3. It’s clearly RWD architecture and clearly a vehicle from an Asian market. I agree on the Acura assumption and possibly the S2000 correlation. That’s really the only RWD platform from Honda.

  4. im sure this isnt the real car, but it does follow the “japanese corvette” look that the concept car had at the auto show. which is really ashame for a nsx replacement, the only other mid engined 2 seater at that price will be the audi r8, and now they are making it a front engine….i guess copying lexus, and being less original was more important

  5. Probably the new NSX, although, it has some elements of the upcoming Accord coupe. It looks sexy and un-Acura at the same time. Bring them on Vince. Thanks.

  6. Because of the amount space between the front wheel and C-pillar/door, IDIOT! It’s not a transverse transmission. It’s a normal setup.

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