New C class official presentation.

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  1. i’ll give MB credit, the “sporty” exterior looks pretty good.

    however, is history repeating itself, suddenly the C, E, and S classes are looking identical, just different sizes.

    the interior is garbage. the new A4 and CTS will eat this thing alive. Plus reliability what? ha ha ha

  2. If this was the only car in its class, I think it would be a decent effort. But looking at the competition, anyone who buys this is going purely on the name. Theres no way this car is better than the BMW, Lexus, or Infinti.

  3. that much black plastic everywhere doesnt belong in a car of this class, it reminds of the poor effort cadillac did on the last cts interior, if not cheaper. not only that much the c class is normally several thousand more than the cars it competes with except the 3 series, so you have a car that looks cheap on the inside, and cost thousands more….and not just that if the c class interior looks like this what will the clk look like, and its what 8-10,000 more than this thing, the only people that would buy this is someone that needs a mercedes and cant afford the nicer ones

  4. Better looking than the recently updated CTS, but not as attractive as the BMW, Infiniti, or Lexus. Mercedes seems to be stuck with the same look for several years now. They only make baby step upgrades in the outside. If I were 60 years old or in residential real estate sales, I would lease it(reliability issues make it a bad bet for the long haul.)

  5. I would have to disagree with that comment. Especially when considering the interior. The new CTS has a much better looking interior without a doubt and since Cadillac benchmarked both Lexus and Audi interiors, I’d say the materials used will be much better as well.

  6. I just read consumer reports most and least reliable cars. Although I don’t really think the magazine is terribly good, many others apparently do. Of the five LEAST reliable cars MB M Class, S Class and CLS!!! If I were MB and asking the kind of $$$ they do, I would work really hard to get off that list.

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