New Chrysler vans “under the light”

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  1. GM has announced that they will soon be retiring their lame squared-off minivan lineup to make way for their new modern looking crossover vehicles while Chrysler has decided to retire their modern looking crossover Pacifica and make way for their new squared-off minivans? What’s wrong with this picture?

  2. Vince, isn’t this the same first extended wheelbase model they came out with on their minivans back in the mid eighties? If you post a pictue of the original Chrysler extended-cab minivan you will see the similarities between the two. I guess they are running out of new ideas or they just don’t care anymore about this segment!

  3. You would think that between Chrysler and Benz they could come up with better than this. Their designer should be shot!

  4. Vince, I can see why DCX did an evolution instead of a revolution. They sell a TON of these. However, this new exterior already looks old doesn’t it?

    The interior I’ll have to see in person. I don’t like the shifter location. What’s wrong with a regular column shifter like god intended!

  5. hmm… GM went boxy with there vans and ended up shutting down it’s minivan line. maybe the same will happen with DCX.

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