New Citroen Picasso 5 seater

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A slightly smaller version of the new Picasso introduced last year.
It even looks more modern than the longer version.

Interesting to see this at the same time the new Voyager is introduced in the US.

The difference in what European buyers are ready to accept as a minivan is amazing.
Sure this is much smaller (more like a Mazda 5), but it shows you can design a very modern shape on a minivan, if the market will accept it.

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  1. this does look very modern, futuristic like one those cars in sci fi film, but the problem is, sure they can design “mini-vans” like this but the market shows they dont sell here. im sure thats why the chrslyer and dodge, just look like blockier versions of the old cars, with no sense of style. the quest was modern, and untraditional and sold awful, they even went to making it look a little more traditional inside and out, didnt work…..that and the market as a whole is dropping fast, there is no need to use polarizing styling and all that, stick with whats succesful stay competitive, and try to hold as much market share as possible or get out of the market

  2. ^I think Quest is quite ugly. I really doubt many people found it too attractive, thought it certainly looks different.

    this Picasso 5 looks amazing. I will gladly trade in my accord for this car, even with question reliability of Citroen. This is just soooooooooooooooooooooo good looking. The front windshield stretches over your head… it must be such an experience to drive.

  3. that looks so great! that bright blue just accentuates all the curves and shaping.

    I think the quest is different gone wrong. they stretched and squashed the basic box shape into odd proportions.

    i don’t think american minivans have to be boring. Can it be that hard to make them at least not look frumpy?

    Pieces of good in a sea of blah:
    -though the sienna is no looker, it does have this mild but artful crease along the side for almost it’s full length.
    -the mercury monterey had a nice waterfall grille and satin metal surrounds on its foglamps.
    -the now-departed mpv’s face didn’t look too bad. i liked it, especially compared to other minivans.
    -heck, the 1996 town and country and caravan had sporty, jewel-like, slim headlights compared to the clunky ones now.

    sorry for the long post. i just had to get my two cents in with all this minivan talk going on!

  4. I love the looks and would consider buying it if offered in the US market if offered with a nice engine and stick shift. I am planning on buying a Mazda 5 anytway.

  5. The Europeans are realy open-minded on the design and they can involve. In america peoples are stuck and all remain the same…

    Also look the bike in Europe. they are a whole step behind us !

  6. problem is that trunk in that thing is less than in your average Corolla…

    So why would an average american buy it?

    Everyone would spend extra $500 for longer version….

  7. Why do we call it a minivan? It looks like a regular hatchback with 5 seats. A minivan, IMO, should have sliding doors (i.e. Mazda5).

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