“new” Ford 500 interior?

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The so called new one is on top.

I can’t see much difference with last year’s model.
Sure, there is wood on the steering wheel, a navigation option, different colors and details.
Somehow it does feel a bit more upscale.

But is that enough to really make a difference in sales?

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  1. More Sales? new leather, 2tone panels, fresh IP… no. But the 3.5v6 will!!! and the new exterior styling at least let’s everyone know it’s a new one. And all they have to do is get people to try them… The BIG QUESTION is will Ford give the 500 a sustained advertising campaign?

  2. For what the car is, I don’t think the “old” interior was the problem, mainly the engine and exterior design. The new revisions look nice.

  3. The oval analog dash clock has been show in marketing test and giving a feeling of being upscale.

  4. Looks like the creased “lip” surrounding the centre stack has been removed- good, because it bothered me.

    This dash will always be too Freestar for me, though.

  5. damn, that looks the same to me. A few small changes. However, I think they increased the quality of the materials they were using. Same look, but better fit and tolerance & material.

    I sat in an old 500 and it was okay, but not Toyota. Damn big car however… like a modern day Pacer on the inside.

  6. White gauges and an analog clock will not make this ugly Betty more attractive.

    Ford seriously needs to remove the shackles from their designers, or hire new ones. As they don’t have a single car with an interesting interior.

  7. The 500 is comfortable and easy to enter and exit, so should be a good choice for anyone needing a large sedan.

    I think the problem is the exterior styling–by an auto designer hired from Audi–that gives the car an Audi look without any of Audi’s class.

    So, the car looks like a cheap, imitation Audi and appears clumsy from just about any angle.

    For some reason, cheaper cars that copy the BMW style seem to look better than cars trying to look like Audis. Nothing will help the 500 until it’s completely restyled.

  8. I like the interior and the new powertrain with the all wheel drive, 3.5l engine and new 6 spd auto. I just wish they would make the exterior a little more sporty or aggressive looking. Not too much, I realize this is a family car and has to appeal to a broad audience. And please get rid of those silly chrome bars on the grill.

  9. The interior looks more dated than that of the last Taurus and Focus models. Pretty sad. Ford, this is not the early 90s anymore!

  10. Let hope this effort is the old Ford, and not the new Ford under the new CEO. Just got back from the NAIAS, easily two of best concepts were the Airstream (extremely cool) and the Lincoln sedan ( I didn’t like pictures of it I admit but in person it is hot).

  11. Remember back a few years ago when Ford announced it was coming out with like 10 new models in the next 3 years, then that number grew to 20, and eventually like 200 as they counted every new added paint color as a “New Model”… what are they thinking? Adding a nav system does constitutes new options, not a new interior.

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