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Again ( I am repeating myself) this would make a great Mercury.
And the stupid “it would be too expensive” excuse doesn’t work.
They can do it if they want to. Cars in Europe are more expensive than in the US anyway.
Prices there include at least 20% tax to start with.
The new Dodge Challenger will start at $19 000 in the US and around $26 000 in Europe.
The Passat sold here doesn’t start at $30 000.
The Mondeo could be sold at a competitive price in the US if Ford really wants to. But they don’t.
I don’t think they could sell it for $18 000, but how about $22 000 and make it truely more upscale than the Fusion.
Compete with Passat instead of Altima/Accord/Camry.
Advertise the German heritage. Do something…

Another bad news for Mercury. Ford has decided to sell a version of the upcoming Fairlane as a Lincoln (with, they claim, its own design)
But nothing for Mercury.
Is it a sign of the end???

All they sale now is 5 barely rebadged Ford models.

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  1. actually with GM hitting it out of the ballpark with Opels here, I think it will be sooner rather than later that we see alot more Euro/Asian/Aussie fords

  2. i 100% agree! sell ALL european ford models in NA – ka, fiesta, focus, mondeo, c-max, s-max… everything! let NA make RWD (mustang & crown-vic replacement), crossovers, & trucks.

    there has to be a better way than the piss poor ’08 “new” focus, fusion, & five hundred.

    i agree – the pricing is just an excuse. ford can sell these in NA if they wanted to.

  3. If you count Mazda and Volvo as Ford, you can understand that Mazda is slowly taking over Mecury business and Volvo will soon do the same to lincoln. With how Ford is treating Aston marketing team in Detriot, you can bet that Aston is on the chopping board either.

  4. It must be a question of unions and other sh*t like that… US employee unions will probably cry if production is in Europe.

    This said, this car looks good except for the back lights (or the whole back in general)

  5. I’ve read that a U.S.-EUCD platform will replace both CD3 (Fusion et al) & D3 (500 etc) and the next-gen C2 (and an analogous B platform) will handle any smaller ‘cars’. Ford just doesn’t seem to feel the need to deal with a whole new parts inventory, mechanic training, & exchange rates for the approx. 3 years it’ll take to unify platforms globally. What with the new BOSS engines, DSG tranmissions, gen2 hybrids, & platforms – Imho it sure sounds like nothing about the 2010&’forward’ NorthAmerican FML lineup will be based on or have much to do with anything current, except the 3.5v6…. Hope they can last to get there – but that’s what the $20+ BILLION ‘mortgage’ is for

  6. like I’ve said many a time before : Ford doesn’t get it, either because they can’t or refuse to do so.

  7. This is how to build a good looking, useful, 5 door hatch !
    Too bad it ain’t coming here,to the USA.
    I’ll go look at a Lancer over the 08 Focus.

  8. I bet if they brought the Bondeo over as a Mercury, at $22k, they’d sell 100k the first year… 20k the next year, then 10k, then 5k – this is all hype. What’s the best selling midsize – C’mary, not a true-Euro-bred sporty sedan. It’d be Contour/Mystique-part2. …the S-Max might be a different story.

  9. mmm the back reminds me of the Renault Laguna… looks nice but i have a feeling the design will look old in a few years.. it is more original than most NA/jap cars in it’s class though

  10. During the opening night of Casino Royale, audiences started talking the moment they saw Craig driving a “Ford” they had never seen before.

    Some audiences thought it was a Fusion, others were asking where they could get one, while some were surprised that the Mondeo was even a Ford.

    It doesn’t make much sense for Ford to dump product placement money to advertise a car that is only available in Europe and a few Asian markets. Especially if they actually knew what kind of interest was generated from just placing the Mondeo on screen

  11. A top North American Ford executive was overheard asking the following question recently:DUHHHHHH!!! Which way did they go George, which way did they go????

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