New “Next C Class” interior shots

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I have to say this looks much better and upscale than the current C class.
But meanwhile, the Japanese competition has been coming up with some really nice cars with great interiors.
And so did Cadillac with the new CTS.

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    Seems that increasing numbers of car manufacturers are copying the deep orange/tan (persimmon?) and black interiors now shown in the Saturn Aura, Nissan M35/45, etc.

    Looks nice, though.

  2. maybe its just me but i think the interior looks like economy car, like maybe a toyota corolla, or maybe a mazda 3, these shots ive seen wouldnt look outlandish in either of those cars… compared with the interiors out there this just doesnt look in the same class, but maybe its just me, as long as the materials are better than the last one its ok with me.

  3. The more I look at it, the more the center design echos that of the current Accord/Acura TSX…?!?

    If so, then MB isn’t original as I, or most would like to believe.

  4. This is better than any new BMW interior, but that really isn’t saying much. Hell, even Hyundai makes a decent interior these days, and their quality is heads above the sainted Mercedes.

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