New Opel GT

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This was already announced a while ago. But the new picture, next to the original model is pretty nice.

Basically, a Saturn Sky with a new grille and logos.

Now GM is so good in the US they actually export cars to Europe…

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  1. This car is just amazing. The ONLY serious drawback for me is the lack of trunkspace. I can live with that. I have to give it to the General, they are really making good stuff lately.

  2. i think it may be the other way around… gm is so good in europe that they are importing cars to the US. this gt has been out for a while along with the identical vauxhal version.

  3. “this gt has been out for a while…”

    Nope it hasn’t been. You’re thinking the last generation that we didn’t get here in the states. This is entirely new.

  4. i’m pretty sure the vauxhal and Opel versions were out before we got the saturn sky state side.

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