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Best Car has published this illustration of what the S2000 could become after the death of the current model next year.

I had heard previous rumors about the S2000 being replaced by a 4 seater car.
This one would still be a 2 seater with a compact convertible hard top similar to the new Miata.
And the design would have more of a retro vibe.

So I guess, nobody really knows anything about what’s coming after the S2000.
2 seater, 4 seater, retro or not….

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  1. Who’s Copying Whom?
    I actually like this design from Honda. But this is no ‘original’ and “apes” other classic desgins before it.

    If this design is the real deal, then there shouldn’t be any puke about KIA or Hyundia designs “aping” other established car manufacturers.


  2. This is not the direct replacement for S2000. It is a smaller, hardtop convertible base closer to the S550 / S600 / S800.

  3. I’m glad that Honda is considering sticking with the S2000 as a roadster. I had a 2003 s2k and loved it. This illustration doesn’t look all that great though.

  4. Not a bad looking car, especially for a Honda. But if it is a Honda, it won’t look like this. They’ll find some way to make it dull and boring.

  5. The current model is ssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooo much better. I hope they don’t do this. The S2000 is a great car as is. Why would they eve think about going “retro-Ford” on us. I think they need fresh blood at the California Design Center. Perhaps they are smoking too much and can’t figure it out.

  6. This has to be Honda’s 20th grille in the last…4 years! I guess they think that constantly changing grilles creates a…. strong brand identity! When I first saw the photo I thought, hmm…that must be the next generation 350Z….

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