Nissan Rogue “under the light”

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  1. I think the front end design is a bit plain otherwise a good competitor in the segment. It beats the design of the CR-V front end.

  2. Yes Nissan has done it again. let’s see, how could we make a gorgeous smaller suv???? copy our bigger one. this is a class leader among vehicles with absolutely NO class, like the crv and rave or whatever recall toyota calls it!

  3. Are Nissans becoming blander? The design theme that they still use on every single vehicle is so 2003.

  4. People say this copied the Santa Fe, but what did the Santa Fe get its design cues from?
    Answer: Murano
    I like this car and glad it is coming out soon.
    I would like to drive another Nissan again, but also thinking about the CR-V (LX trim) model as well,

  5. I think the time has come where Korea has overtaken Japan. The Hyundai CUV looks better than this, even though it is basically the same design. Goodbye Nissan. – G

  6. What the hell is Nissan doing? Making Honda and Toyota look much better…

    This looks just like every other strange Nissan out there.

    The CR-V is a world ahead of this thing.

    The Hyundai Santa Fe is a much nicer design and package.

  7. Fools! Hyundai copied the Murano, check your car magazines and this is just a mini-me of the Murano.

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