Official: Holden Commodore as Pontiac G8

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The production version, with a Pontiac front end will be shown at the Chicago show next month.
But in a couple of years, production will move to Canada when the car is schedule for a “new design”.
What they call a new design might actually just be a “facelift”.

Good news for Pontiac anyway.

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  1. I almost never pick on new cars for resembling other cars, but this one just smells like Acura TL too much, including the the overall body shape, interior, dash, interior door trim, etc. I won’t say they totally copied it exactly, but I can say for sure that if the designers involved had never seen TL, this car would’ve come out completely different.

  2. This is beautiful. However, the new Malibu is almost the exact same (smart) design language from the A-pillar back. I’m glad Pontiac will be offering some nice cars in addition to the G6 and Solstice, but they will need to distinguish this car from the Malibu beyond just a grille design. Personally, I don’t care for the enlarged twin kidney pontiac grille.

  3. At last, GM is moving in the right direction. I always wondered why GM’s and Ford’s cars look better overseas.

    GM and Ford finally realize that they should stop bitching about labor unions and pension costs and try to build good looking products. Of course, Chrysler figured that out a few years ago, but it took MB to wake them up. Way to go GM!!

  4. I agree with adidas crosscountry, looks alot like the new Malibu but it is far better than the old Bonneville and current Grand Prix If it looks this boring though it will be just another American sedan with poor resale value. Please GM dont make it boring. Remember “WE BUILD EXCITEMENT”

  5. Awesome! I can’t wait for it to come out. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford it. I hope Pontiac does’nt change the interior too much. Love those red faced guages!

  6. i like the pontiac grille as done on the original vibe cause it was sharp and angular. i don’t like the curvy, flat grille look of the facelifted vibe or the one on the solstice. hopefully it’s a sharper design for the g8

  7. So America has simply given up designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling desirable cars, leaving it up to foreign experts.


    I never thought this would happen in my lifetime.

    Then again, I never thought we’d be fighting another illegal, immoral war in a country which didn’t attack us.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  8. Please, Please GM, dont change anything. Please bring over the six speed, please bring over the great interior, please please PLEASE

  9. 1) Import a decent but average looking car

    2) Slap on a Pontiac grill and badge

    3) Expect it to attract buyers

    Can anyone at General Motors spell G-T-O ?

    Wake up, GM, and learn from your mistakes.

  10. As an Australian, i’ve always believed this car is too good for you yanks. Big mistake Holden. Dont destroy OUR car!!!!

  11. When they released G-T-O
    It was cobbled together on a shoestring budget based on a Commodore originally released in 1997, and it still got its share of good reviews. Main complaint -not retro enough.

    So I can spell G-T-O as O-L-D and the G8 is N-E-W.
    Not everyone wants styling that hits you in the face, and the Commodore is said to be very nice to drive.

  12. this will never becoeme a pontiac,
    the steering is in the wron side. it would be a nightmare to drive this thing in the good old usa

  13. Seems so many people have made up their minds already, it won’t really matter what it looks like when it comes over… But I hope Pontiac finds a ‘new look’ by the time they bring out the Canadian versions – those old nostrils don’t improve any design!

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