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Despite the auto show’s louzy lighting, you can tell this is one nice interior.
Better than the Aura and one of the best in the segment.
A very attractive family wagon. Much better than the GM minivans it replaces.


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    1. The Outlook is an outstanding vehicle, and seeing the 3 new GM crossovers at Detroit only reinforces that GM has a trio of winners on their hands. I also agree that the Outlook’s interior is nicer than the Aura. While the Aura’s interior is nice, looking at the Outlook makes me think how much better the Aura (already a damn good car) would be with an Outlooked inspired interior, especially the dash.

    2. Greg, The music you use in your videos makes me chuckle out loud. I love it! It’s hard to remember if it’s the video I want to see or the music I want to listen to. Great work! Seriously…
      LOL 😉

    3. The back is very ugly, and the whole back end doesn’t fit properly with the rest of it. The car is a lot more expensive than the GM minivans. I don’t they can replace them without being in the same price range. – G

    4. Other than AWD, can someone tell me why I should buy this over an Odyssey, styling aside (since styling is subjective)?

      It sucks more gas, has less cargo room, has less passenger room, weighs more, and will have poorer resale value.

    5. Hey Dude, Minivans are like so yesterday! Why do you think GM is replacing their minivan lineup with these new crossover vehicles for in the first place? The people who defend their precious American and Canadian built Hondas’ know of all the quality problems they have experienced but for some reason they just hate to admit it! Maybe it’s because they paid so damn much for them only to realize they got taken!

    6. Hi Vince, can you please tell me the track and artist name for the song? I love it! Can you do the same for the song in the Altima Coupe video a bit further below? Cool selections, nice job. Thanks!

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