Scion Xa replacement

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Here is another picture of the next Xa, or whatever they’ll call it.
Not sure if this in an illustration or not.
Just looks like a photo to me.

I guess it will grow a little bit, and they are still talking about a 1.8 Liter engine.
That 1.8 seems to be going pretty much in every car where they are currently using the 1.5 liter.
Including the next Prius.

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  1. NEXT! This xA, if this is all they’re gonna do, why bother?
    Maybe a larger engine will help, but I did not care for the xA I tested( seems Edmunds preferred the Rio/Accent for editors Choice for 07, over all the other sub-compacts..and there is a reason for their choices)it was lethargic( “Slow”), and just underwhelming, to be honest.
    Guess we will find out more on Feb 8th, from the Chicago Auto Show?
    Hope they did better on the xB replacement(also to be revealed on the same day).


  2. i don’t think that’s it. it looks like a chop of a current xA with a new Camry SE grille and the new RAV4’s headlights to me.

  3. Once again, what’s the point of having a hatchback or a wagon if there is no sizeable amount of cargo area back there? To top it all off this one has a Huge Blindspot for your driving pleasure. Put a trunk on this thing and you would have the Prius, a more sensible choice!

  4. I owned a 2004 xA for about 10,000 miles. VERY nicely finished, but hardly any power and buzzy pulling 4,000 rpm at 80 mph with the stickshift. Also had a VERY harsh suspension, but it handled great (I didn’t modify it).

    If they keep the Lexus-like build quality (the Yaris is a terrible disappointment in this regard), give it the 1.8 and lower the gearing, extend the wheelbase so the ride isn’t so choppy, AND make it a little wider – the xA and xB are definitely designed for “narrower” Asians – it will be one heck of a car.

    I’m just not that sure there will be that many changes…and the original xA was too much like a shrunken, Asian market Matrix….

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