Smart in New York

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I think this photo is a fake.

The Smart is actually smaller than this, especially next to a bunch of Crown Victorias.
I think Mercedes is starting a campain showing the Smart around in the US.
And they don’t want to scare people.

The Smart is actually a very safe little car, doing extremely well in crash tests.
It just feels weird.

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  1. I saw several of these around town mid-last year in Manhattan. Didn’t give it too much thought, since I assumed they were Canadian or diplomat cars or something like that. This pic probably isn’t entirely fake, but they probably did some retouching to the proportion of the Smart so that it wouldn’t look so dinky amongst the sea of NYC taxis. I know they’ve done well in staged crash tests. But I just can’t believe this car would protect you while being t-boned at an intersection by a Tundra.

  2. Hey Vince, I just seen one of this little car last nigth, here in Denver Colorado(36 Eastbound).
    It passed me on the left side and let me tell you this, it is very small. You won’t catch me in of of those mini things.
    Just my opinion.

  3. old photochops, there are a handful of these on the net, can’t remember who did them for some marketing purposes…

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