Smart in the US

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I guess this is for 2008.

I like small cars, but I still think this is too small for us.
Cars like the Mini Cooper are actually surprisingly roomy inside (at least up front)
But this feels really small, inside and out…

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  1. who’s the dickweed standing beside that toy. I wonder if he’d be in one at 80 mph on the highway. How the heck did these scrappers get approved to come over here???

  2. yes g6 gt it is roomy, because there are only 2 seats and they are right at each end. if you have strong legs, your crash protection is increased!, Why you ask, because thats what’s holding the front bumper out. As for the back end collision, good luck, unless you have alot of junk in that trunk!

  3. After going bakc and forth soo many times, I thought they did decide to bring smart to the US. Then when will that be happening and where will they be announcing it? At New York?

  4. Well, this is a dumb move. Why not build the ForFour, instead? You know, a car for 4 people?
    or that cool roadster they showed( wasn’t it based off of the forfour?).
    Nooooooooooo…… they bring us a Cracker Jack prize!

  5. i dont think youre all putting this car into its proper demographic. i live in downtown seattle and for singles like me, it makes sense for its parking ability and cheap running costs. sure, it probably only goes 80 MPH, but i can honestly say ive never been on I-5 at that speed, so who cares? and type “smart car” on you tube to see a smart get crashed at high speed into a concrete barrier. besides the sharp plastic, id say it did pretty well.

  6. I already saw a Smart on the freeway around Sacramneto California on January 3rd of this year!

    VERY SMALL! But it was doing 70MPH with the rest of the traffic.


  7. I have a Vauxhall Corsa with a 1.0 Liter engine… I’ve cruised at 100 on french motorways. The smart won’t be slow because it doesnt weigh anything!

  8. I am by no means defending Mercedes, but maybe the car isn’t too small, maybe Americans are too big. Europe and Canada seem to have no problem with the size of the car. – G

  9. Actually western europeans are getting as chubby as we americans. I am 6 170 and felt comfortable driving this vehicle. I can see larger people not so comfortable. THERE is ABSOLUTELY NO storage. And it will go over 90 on a flat road, go up a hill or mountain and its pretty much going to be like the flintstones.

  10. How the heck did these scrappers get approved to come over here???

    You do know that It is known in Europe as the safest car under $40,000, right?

  11. And YOU know that all of the other cars on the road… the ones you get into accidents with… are a whole lot smaller than ours, right? Getting t-boned in this thing by a Ford Fiesta would be bad enough. Replacing the Fiesta with a full-size SUV or truck makes the equation exponentially worse. Anyone who would ride in one of these on the highway is nothing short of a daredevil. You might as well strap yourself into a motorized grocery cart.

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