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Again, at one point, this 3 door version of the Auris was scheduled for the US alongside the new Corolla.
I think it still is.

This would be sold under the Corolla name. Not a Scion.
Just like what they do with the Yaris. Where the sedan and 3 door do not share the same design and even have different interiors.

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  1. Still seems weird that they wouldn’t bring over the 5 door hatch. Looks should help it do better than the Matrix and size should separate it from the xA (it is bigger than the xA right?).

  2. Today I sat in a Hyundai Accent 3 door hatch. Excellent car( only thing is that it, to me, is “short”, and 0-60 is over 10, if only they would od like Scion, and you could add, at the dealership, the turbo charger, for extra 40 HP… then you’d really be talking, you know, 150HP for a 2,400 lb car, vs 110).

    Then new Corolla is rumored to be sporting a 140HP engine, and around 40 MPG.
    0-60 Should be what, 9-9.5 seconds?
    180 inches total length for the sedan( again, this is the info from this site, news site, rumors, you name it).
    Anyhow, if Toyota does what Hyundai,,Kia,Nissan(Versa), others are doing ( having the sedans about 1/2 foot -or more -longer than the hatches)that would be cool.
    It would be about Scion tC sized!
    That would be a nice deal!

    I like 3 door cars, and this would suffice( again, unless Hyundai brings out a dealership puts it in turbo system for their cars, aking to Scion….).
    Heard it will be out ( 08 Corolla? or 09?) about this time next eyar( end of Dec 07- early Jan 08…probably after Detroit autoshow, perhaps?).

    I would like to see a new Lancer with 3 doors!
    PS: only thing I dislike abtou Toyota( and our tC) is that there is no “well” under the hatch. When you lift the gate of a Suzuki Reno(5 door) or the Accent 3 door( or Tiburon or Eclipse, for that matter), they have a deep well, where as Toyota has the floor to where when the seats go down, it is all “even”.
    Here, imagi8ne a trunk, but the lid repalced with a hatch….. that is what i like, tC does not really have a deep “well” like a trunk(other hatches) has.
    It’s frustrating when something like the smaller Accent( take out the bottom seat cushion and the seats fold flat)has as much(or more!) room ot carry stuff in it due to the “well” than our flat floored( hardly any depth to it) tC.
    Hope if they bring this out to the USA, they make it “deep well” and not this nonsense like the tC has.

  3. Hmmmmm. 3 door Corolla. Yes!
    I would be highly intrigued.
    If you want a 5 door, I have read something of an xR( 5 door Scion/ CUV? rumors for now, I suppose)… for 09.

  4. Toyota plans to release a 2 door coupe version of the new Corolla in the U.S., while the 3 door hatch is slated only for the Canadian market. Yes I know, this seems to be bogus info but insiders have the facts that have yet to be released to the automotive press.

  5. Maybe they want to for USA customers into Scion tCs if they want hatches?
    First, Civic dumps their hatch, now Toyota won’t even bring one to the USA market? It is nto like 3 door from Toyota don’t sell( see nearly 80,000 tC’s sold in 06 alone…).

    Well, If I habe to choose between a sedan Corolla, or a sedan (new) Lancer…. Corolla will most likely lose.

  6. This car will definitely sell, especially in Canada, however from a design standpoint, the front overhang is too big (i know its fwd) and the wheels are to small. The interior from what I’ve seen is best in class. -G

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