Toyota Tundra Crewmax

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That’s right: MAX.

For big macho men.

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  1. If any macho men can get oast the Tundra’s horrendous interior. How many design teams worked on that mess?

  2. because the Tundra is the final sort of what you can say frontier not conquer by Toyota, the domestic fans already lost most of the car segments to the import car makers except the truck segment, currently GM and Ford have enjoy almost no direct competition from the japanese automakers direct meaning different trims and engines (the Titan was a half-ass try) until the new Tundra, in other words the domestic fan-boys are just worried about their beloved trucks being really challenged.

  3. About all the hate… I can only speak for myself and those that I have spoken to about this here in the grand state of Florida. Generally speaking, the bigger the truck you drive, the more of an asshole you are behind the wheel. I wasn’t the only one that came to this conclusion, and like I said I am speaking in a general manner. I know it’s not always true, but it seems to be the majority… How many times on I-95 have I gone 85mph in 70 and yet there’s some guy in a Dodge Ram 1500 behind me tailgating my ass and flashing his highbeams in the slow lane? Too many!

  4. Nice Dodge. (not) LOL so true.
    Thank heavens truck buys for the most part are patriotic Americans.

  5. Finally a viable alternative to the big three. The interior is kind of plain but Toyota probably went for functional. The outrages prices of big three trucks may be a thing of the past. Maybe Hyundai will join the bloody frey next. Truck buyers tend to be the people that know the cost of everything and the value of nothing sans fleet managers.

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