Volvo C30 Hybrid

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Yes, Hybrid, already.

Volvo is planing a hybrid version of the new C30. The “regular” engine would be a diesel, and it could run on electricity alone for about 45 miles.
And yes, it’s a plug-in. I guess it means that if you can do less than 45 miles a day. You might not need any gas.
Some places here, like malls and movie studios, even offer some parking spaces with free plug-in stations. So you wouldn’t have to ever pay for the electricity.

Sounds great to me….

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  1. With tesla,obvio!,ZAP, others, coming out with hybrids, electric,etc… should be interesting in the next few years. Of course, you have some hybrids from Nissan, Toyota , Honda, Ford…Many choices, from “bargain basement” to “top dollar” makers!


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