2008 Cadillac STS

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The good looking STS finally gets a great interior.

It is actually the same we saw a few months ago in the Chinese version of the car.
It now matches the other new Cadillac interiors.

Now how about doing something for the XLR???

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  1. I better hear some bashing of the steering wheel ! Looks like the steering wheel on the new C-class which was bashed on here.

  2. This is a beautiful interior. The only complaint I have, based on the pic, is that the steering wheel looks like crap. It does nt look upscale enough. They could do a much better design that that. The renent Saturn steering wheels are pretty good looking.

    I’m glad Cadillac, even GM as a whole, is paying more attention to interior and exterior designs of their vehicles.

    I personally haven’t gone into a GM dealership since I had a Pontiac Fiero 15 years ago, but some of their recent products are intruguing.
    So I may just have to go take a look.

  3. I’m really glad to see that the STS will be getting a new interior, and this one at least pars with the rest of the competition. Glad to see GM keeping to thier promises!

  4. I am excited to see that Cadillac, and GM in general, are FINALLY showing us that they can produce class leading interiors. GM vehicles have proven that they are reliable and durable, however the tactile quality of their interiors never reflected quality at all. This new-found attention to detail will go a long way in improving peoples perception of their cars and their brand.

    Now they need to direct some attention towards the miserable Cavalier Mk2 interior… I mean Cobalt.

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