2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

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This picture taken from a commercial (I guess, I didn’t watch the Superball) shows what’s in stre for the Cobalt.
Looks pretty much the same than the front end I posted yesterday.

I guess Chevy has to do something to compete with the new Astra.
And again, what it really needs is an all new interior.

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  1. Wow!! The new and improved cobalt is going to have Lamborghini style doors !!! This must be a joke, just like GM is a joke.

  2. Ok…. this is just a SEMA concept not the “sneak peek” to the 08 Balt’, the only reason why it was in the commercial is cuz it was in a seen in which a bunch of Cobalts were in, there was other SEMA concepts too it just so happens the “widebody” concept had a bigger part

  3. Chevy should have done something a long time ago. Not to compete with the Astra, but to compete with the dozens of better cars in this class that are available. Unless the overall design has become more substantial and the interior has been gutted and improved tenfold, then this new grille is just lipstick on a pig.

  4. As someone commented in the previous Cobalt post here, so far that’s just a privately done mod from the SEMA show, with no factory involvement. The pic is from SEMA as well. Looks better than what you’d expect from a factory facelift, but so far it’s just a one-off…

  5. The Chevrolet Cavalier was a very nice car in its’ day some 20 years ago. The basic same platform with a goofy name today just doesn’t have a chance in hell against several more modern and capable platforms in this segment! This same formula can be seen elsewhere in GM’s other platforms as well. Old mechanics with updated sheetmetal and new monikers is why the General is being overtaken by the Asians! It is truely a sad day for the American automobile industry!

  6. Seriously… I am begining to think GM has finally gotten away from the lipstick-on-pig “engineering” that has destroyed them for the last, oh, 30 years or so. Now if GM places engineers in decission making positions I might and up, dare I say, trusting them.

  7. The Cobalt DOES NOT use the old Cavalier chassis. It uses a variant of the Astra chassis (but not it is not interchangeable. If you look, you can see that the Cobalt sedan and Astra 5door look alot alike in side profile). The Cobalt came out as a 2005 model, so it’s not even that old. Not that I am defending it as a great car, I just like to correct other people’s ignorance.

  8. The comments here continue to amaze me with the blatant ignorance. The Cobalt doesn’t share a single bit with a Cavalier, save for a random screw here or there and one engine, yet it still gets put down for being so–by people who clearly know very little of the car world outside of Honda and Toyota.

    That said, I too, am not overly praising the Cobalt, and this new nose that’s been seen looks very much production-worthy and exactly what is intended for the Chevy line, but not a whole lot has been said yet. But it looks very nice, and is well proportioned, so it’s definitely a good thing.

  9. The Astra will not really compete with the Cobalt. The Astra will be a more expensive and upscale compact car for in line with the Golf. Also the Astra volume will be fairly low for a few years until it is built in the US.

  10. The engine and the drive train are still the same old junk from decades ago! Slight modifications do not qualify for a ‘all new’ classification. If you GM people choose to live your lives behind rose colored glasses, then you probably believe that Reagan is still the president too!

  11. “The engine and the drive train are still the same old junk from decades ago! Slight modifications do not qualify for a ‘all new’ classification….”

    Where are you getting your information? Because you’re totally and completely off. The entire car, including the platform is entirely new and there is nothing dating back to the old Cavi. This information is available in any automotive article that discussed the development of the Cobalt launch. Read up buddy!

    Personally, my opinion of the Cobalt is that it sucks. But the fact is, it’s a new car that sucks. Not a repurposed Cavalier.

  12. I suppose you GM experts will now tell us that the Cobalt has absolutely nothing in common with the ailing Saturn Ion as well! Get ‘Your’ Facts Straight Fool and don’t talk trash!

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