2008 Lexus LX

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Before anyone screams. This might just be an illustration.

The top picture is supposed to be the “all new” 2008 model, and the bottom one is the current model.
I posted the current one because I couldn’t tell the difference…

And I had heard a year ago that Toyota might drop the Land Cruiser in the US and just keep the “Lexus clone”.

Who knows….

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  1. Like a Tahoe or Expedition, this will never see the off-road challenges it’s capable of meeting. It’s just another gas-hog tank for spoiled women taking their kids to school. Leather, navigation system and all.


  2. Wow, another over-priced, badge-engineered gashog. And from Toyota no less. I guess saving the earth ends where your profits begin.

  3. The Land Cruiser is an icon, it is used all over the world for off-roading for over half a century. It is known for its amazing reliability. Shame they are making it into a soccer-mom SUV.

  4. Again, a blatant example of toyota offering a bland, semi-reliable truck ( see many truck recalls this year) that they “EXPECT” you will buy. This 1985 design should not sell at all, oh ya, by the way, they want mucho denaros for it.

  5. There will not be a Toyota Land Cruiser in US nor Lexus LX anymore. The FJ Cruiser will carry-on the “Cruiser” badge and Lexus will get its version of the new Sequioa, JX470 or more likely JX570

  6. This vehicle is worse than the Crown Vic. Old engineering and old style. At least the CV serves fleet purpose. This thing is just a pig.

  7. i don’t know if this is real , anyway the lexus lx470 is way overpriced ,with that much dough i could get an escalade, beside i’ll rather buy a 4runner over these anydays or even a trailblazer, if you take ’em to the country side and scratch them(do some off roading) you’ll still be all right, imagining taking a luxury giant off road ……… not likely

  8. CNN told me to think that SUVs are not just for offroading anymore. No wonder people are buying them and not offroading.

  9. There will be a Land Cruiser here, take a look from pressroom.toyota.com from their Highlander PR

    “As you can see, the new Highlander has raised the bar significantly,” said Esmond. “Last year we did the same with RAV4. And in about a year, we’ll do the same with both Land Cruiser and Sequoia. The Toyota division now markets a six-vehicle SUV lineup that appeals to specific buyer demographics and life-stages. It is a lineup that gives us enormous flexibility in responding to shifts in the marketplace. We are committed to keeping our products fresh and at the front of the pack.”

  10. The LX styling is like a time machine, taking us all the way back to the 80s. What’s next Toyota, a big hair option?

  11. “Anonymous said…

    Just another SUV for the envy-ridden little people to gripe about.”

    One must first have something to envy to be “envy-ridden.”

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